Tax Advice

When you want trusted tax advice in Tucson, Arizona, come see Janet Davis CPA, CFP.

Janet is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner with over a decades experience with gift, income and estate tax planning. She also specializes in the preparation of individual, trust and business income tax returns.

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Beyond taxes, Janet is passionate about teaching.

Through her public speaking, Janet assists fellow accountants, professionals, financial planners and the general public to better understand certain aspects of tax law and the benefits of sound professional advice. If you have an event in Tucson, or the surrounding area, where you would like Janet to speak, please contact her for more information.

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Although Trusted Advisors has comprehensive financial planning experience, they specialize in tax planning and compliance.

Whether you are an individual, financial planner or small business, their expertise can help you. Trusted Advisors consultants focus on tax planning, tax preparation, tax notice and tax audit preparation and research. If you're seeking trusted tax advice in Tucson, don't hesitate to contact us.

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  • Attention Employees – Check Your Withholding

    If you are a W-2 employee, you may have noticed a pleasant surprise in you March net pay – an increase.  While we all like seeing a little extra in their bank accounts, it’s important to make sure the decrease in federal income tax withheld (which is causing the net pay increase) is correct.


    For taxpayers with straightforward situations, there’s probably nothing to worry about.  But for married couples, people who itemize (or used to itemize) deductions, or those with other sources of income, the withholding tables may not match your current situation.


    Even the US Treasury is recommending taxpayers check their withholding.  The Treasury tool can be found at  Need help?  Contact us.  We’re happy to lend a hand.